A feeling of importance in life sometimes would get people to the state of insanity. Not the crazy term but the cool one. Guess what miracles you can haul out by giving young people honest appreciation that they so deeply desire.

It takes the intent of the intellect to seek knowledge

MAT & Clinical Health Informatic Specialist

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DATE OF BIRTH: July 26th, 1988

Star: Leo

Element: Fire

Modality: Fixed

Heart: Big & Warm

Traits: Born Leader, Generous & Flamboyant.

Positive: Leader, intelligent, humorous, Studious, Logic-solver

Negative: Bossy, Stubon, un-controlable, complicated

Career-Line: Scientist, Politician, Mathematician, Statistician, writer, Analyst

Organization: Kenyan Student and PBKSK

Member of Health Informatics

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The most effective mantra in the world for success is not to let anybody take advantage of your genoricity, kindness and hardwork by abusing your inner intellect.” - Hillary Alloice, Dream Weaver

Hi there! I'm Hillary!

Every one has some history of how he/she was brought up in their respective societies. For me it all began well at first but much anticipation went fumblining on the rocks making my breakthrough to be mered in shadows of myrad things. One morining I woke up to check my diary before sinking deep into life trying to reflect the geneological aspect of life in what i termed it the history of the dividing line. Remembering that when at the age of four my grandpa showed me a secret! We were walking down into the woods one day after a matinee as he drove the cattle to drink water along the River which the villagers called it Ikhavi (in Luhya it means luck or blessing). I carried along the catapult my grandpa made me for hunting birds. As usual he will tie the cattle around before showing me how to hunt in the woods. We were not supposed to kill or eat the spoil. Mending our way between the long old oaks and pine trees prinked closely we passed over a certain cave pitched in crags but I didn’t see the ant-hill that was about two yards. I got hungry and killed a bird.  Other birds saw us and fled. In great rage grandpa rebuked me for the folly and pushed me behind. He went poised and gallantry caught a bird by his bare hands! I opened my wide mouth in amazement. I had not seen such technique. He did not want to eat but he always did this to learn the nature with its features presented by the custody of birds that commonly serenade the common man in the village. He later pulled me aside pinched my left pinna and whispered that I should master my elements and strengthen the wells within me because all hearts are one. I did not understand him that time but later came to know the law of attraction and the desire which relocates the universe to provide us what we need. The heart’s energy plays the healing connection that achieves what is needed either in void or full to be presented in our life.

Ok, that brief introduction was the step to where the treasure was laying for my life. I began to shape the former memories of my childhood and boyhood into words while in secondary school after knowing the purpose in me to live.  At first things were not easy as that. In-fact education seemed to be a forgotten heyday to me after losing my father (R.I.P Hillary Snr [1963-1993]) at the time I was about five years old. Left vulnerable with no one to put a shoulder to cry on, we turned into begging! Relatives and family members buried their faces in the soil turning into their business immediately after my grandpa’s big bull had been made to serve everyone including strangers at the last ceremony.

Yet that never stopped my widowed mother (Elizabeth) and my two sisters (Nancy and Ruth) and brother (Humphrey) from moving over the hard wall of pain and grief. Education that seemed to slip out of hand began to be re-attracted back by the law of attraction, positive affirmations and the belief in God. When I got enrolled into missionary school in the 1996 that was the day I discovered the reasons that when things begin to happen they have a purpose and we are the only gods to read between the perils to be conformed and understand better than anyone who has nothing to brood over on anything in life. Things like sleeping hungry, one meal, going to school bare-footed (Admittedly I got my first pair of shoes when joining secondary in form one) were embedded in me, shaping me to see differently in the world. I saw the trouble my fellow boyhood companions went through at home and in schools.

With this background scripted into the plane of my brain, I have much more to give for those who see that it’s the end of the tunnel. I came out of high school (in the eve of 17th November 2006) fully baked with the help of teachers (Big applause to my Physics teacher, Mr. Azura Brown) and my pursuit to apply logic in every vibration and subjects in life. After having difficulties to pursue my studies at University immediately because of finance in computer science (software development), I stayed out of school doing crazy jobs I could put my hands on for four years (2007-2011) to help myself. The little I had saved in the three-year period got me again on foot when I joined the medical school in 2011 after a hard hustle in life redirecting my roots to medical profession. Integrating my zeal knowledge in Computer Science, Medical Science and Health Informatics I decided to stand on this podium of  change to reborn my mission and kill the biological notion of failure!

With best regards

Hillary Alloice