Introduction to Writing Research Proposals


 Perhaps you got yourself reading this site accidentally. Nope I say you are not. In-fact let me congratulate you for the effort made because this taken step will lead you to discover that each moment in life is a written piece of proposals. I read about one American writer and poet who said that writing is a living life that captures real living events, things, creatures etc (you name them) and freezes them (the writer here meant preserving) that when a stranger comes in the years to come and reads the events return back into motion ( I hope you get the traction of what this means)—They create real pictures in the mind of the reader! This is what a research proposal should bring forward the real idea of what real-life problem that the researcher wants to solve in his or her study defined in the proposal.

Beginning Journey To Developing Research Proposal

I told you before in my personal life journal how life was tough for me and how I came later to realize that every moment in this world is life-worth and living which I documented in an account called Dream Weaver. From such, there are numerours problematic topics that can be developed. Before i even knew what a research proposal meant i was only eargered to writing stories alone. For example in my piece of writing (Dream Weaver) I began shaping my life-course endeavors after joining high school with a school Jargon entitled: Fofoyo Boy. All these are examples of how life and its difficulties cause many questions to be answered and the only way for that is to develop and propose a mind that can solve the difficulties. The former goes that I had trouble when pursuing my studies at University but luckily enough I was already a small-scale writer and an amateur computer programmer when still in high school (In Form Three I had some little knacks of Pascal programming language, Visual Basic and Standard FORTRAN 77 and later in Form four I was introduced to formatting languages as HTML, XML, DHML, WML, CSS, JavaScript, which are all website designing object modeling languages) a saving light I received. All this was a great thanks to my teacher Mr. K. Katambo!

Of-course with all the struggles and pain in life I had that little joy of knowing how to write basic codes to instruct a computer on what to do. As a student who was more interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineeering & Mathematics) and wanted to advance my studies by learning more programming languages such as PHP, python, ASP.NET or other esoteric programming languages which are very complicated languages such as Brainfuck, COW, INTERCAL Malbolge, & Whitespace to enable me get into cryptography and Artificial Intelligence. Nevertheless,  I had a hidden pulpit that was spotted immediately after redirecting my roots to medical school in the year 2011 to the core epidemiology and heath data management. Epidemiology is a field of medicine that deals with the study of the origin and etiology (causes) of diseases and how or why the disease is distributed among the population. Heh! So I can call myself a medical professional or an epidemiologist here—one who identifies the causes of morbidity (disease) and mortality (death) and then investigates and make researches about risks to provide public health policies! My academic and class-based essays were strengthened and by the time I was presenting my statement problem to start a research project I already knew the pyramid of the scheme. I grabbed the opportunity to build on this research field and the academic writing realms. Before graduating in the eve of 10th December 2014 I had helped many of my class-mates who were poor in writing, formulating topics, building thesis and defending hypothesis, making argumentative essays—which was a role I could not deny!

With the tool placed in one pocket just to help you the aspiring writer or one who desire to become one in doing some community researches. Then you have nowhere to go but to read this proposal guide as your writing tutorial that will give you the knacks to take the vault and cross the bridge. I will start bit by bit to let you understand the needed tips and grope no more! After knowing the simple rule in proposal writing it will then be much easier to get you more or further into the flesh of what Research means and what it has to do for the universe.