Below are my publications. The researches done here are suitable for students in social sciences and mainly focuses on topics in the field of Science and health sciences and medicine. The work may be more beneficial to students in the department of Environmental Health, health records and Information Management, Clinical Medicine, Nursing, pharmacy, Laboratory, Community Oral Health Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Medical Imaging Science (Radiology),  Community nutrition and optometry. It is also intended to fit other social sciences including actuarial science, computer science and programming. If you have not seen other sample researches you can visit other works in my website PBKSK for more information (click to see for free ).


Please see (click to view) the following links  i have given here where you can download various research samples. For example you can get following works  for free in order to see how the research was done! Download this==> Antenatal women in relation to iron